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Stencils from Stencil Kingdom

Sealife Stencils: Click on any stencil for a larger view or to add to your shopping basket.

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White Water

Rough Sea

Swimming Turtle

Bobbit Worm

Dancing Worm

Luminous Fish

Curious Fish

Trigger Fish

Surprised Fish

Siren of the Deep


Sea Brack

Sunrise Shell


10 individual Spiral Sea Shells





Lighthouse with rock and brick detail

Lighthouse with rocks

Sea Serpent

The design elements below interlink with the wave to create points of interest to this wild wave frieze as it is stencilled around a room.. Stories can be created based on these different elements to stimulate childrens imagination at bedtime.

Playing Dolphins

Wild Wave Frieze with Puffin Island

Wild Wave Frieze

Wild Wave Frieze with Albatross

Wild Wave Frieze with White Horse

Wild Wave Frieze with Whale

White horse


Wild wave frieze with Neptune


Flying Fish

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