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On one episode of The Interior Design Challenge, the contestants had 3 days to decorate the glass rooms on the roof terraces belonging to Art Deco Houses.

The brave colours, fabrics and objects used transformed the rooms.

Unfortunately one of the designers abandoned the stencil she planned to use because she was unable to prevent the paint seeping under the stencil. There is an easy solution. Crisp clean lines are easy to achieve when dry brush stenciling.

Dry Brush Stenciling
Here we will describe how to stencil using the dry brush method of stenciling.
Things you will need:-
• Paint
• Something to apply the paint - stencil brushes with a flat head are ideal, but rollers or a sponge can work well.
• An old rag (or paper towel) to remove excess paint.
• A palette to mix your paint on. Paper or plastic plates are ideal.
• Some repositionable spray mount aerosol adhesive.
• Newspaper

We include colour illustrations of our designs to act as a colour guide, but there is no reason why you should not use a completely different colour scheme to suit your decor. It is fine to experiment with colour.

• Place the stencil face down on some newspaper.
• Spray the back of the stencil with a light mist of repositionable spray mount.
• Experience will teach you how much you need, but remember not to be too heavy handed, as you can always add more tack if the stencil is not securely held. Position the stencil.
• Put some paint on the palette.
• Dip the brush in the paint and then remove most of the paint on an old rag.
• Now, with an up and down movement of the vertically held brush, stipple the paint through the cut shapes.
• Gradually build up the required depth of colour by repeats of the stippling through the stencil after the paint from the previous application has dried. Using a dry brush like this helps to prevent seepage of the paint under the cut shapes, resulting in nice clean edges to the finished work.

Building the paint up in layers allows you to add shading to your work. You can over-paint sections of the design with darker or lighter shades, building the colour up gradually as previously described.

Cleaning the Stencil
The stencil can be gently washed in warm soapy water.
November '19
Miles Davis - 05-11-19

October '19
Dry Brush Stencilling - 23/10/19

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