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Next year, Stencil Kingdom will be at a Jazz and Blues Festival.

Our plan is to have a set of blues and jazz related stencils to take with us. They are featured in our figure catalogue.

As an American jazz trumpeter and composer, Miles Davis was one of the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz.

1 Before using this two layered stencil, the surface to be stenciled needs to be painted black.
2 Place the first layer of this design in position and apply white through the cut shapes of this re-usable mylar stencil.
3 Replace the first stencil layer with the second. Apply grey through the cut shapes.
4 Remove the second layer and the image will come to life.

Ray Charles also features in our figure catalogue and we are working on a Fats Domino design.

November '19
Miles Davis - 05-11-19

October '19
Dry Brush Stencilling - 23/10/19

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