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American Theme
Giant totem pole, Indian headdresses, buffalo, wolf, eagle and grizzly bear.
Eagle, Owl, Giraffe, Elephant, Cat, Zebra, Penguins, Polar Bear and Unicorn stencils.
Large stencil designs including St Basil's Cathedral, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Neuschwanstein Castle and an Indian Arch.
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau stencil designs from Russia created by talented designer Natalia Massalskaya.
Art Nouveau and Art Deco
Macintosh roses and stencil designs from the from the Arts and Craft Movement.
Aztec and Pre-Columbian
Aztec sun stencil. Aztec Temple, Aztec Masks and Mayan border stencils.
Some classical and some less formal borders
Ceiling Stencils
These ceiling stencils knit together to create a luxurious design on your ceiling.
Clouds, Angels, Stars, Suns, Moons & Planet stencils.
Celtic Knot stencils. Celtic cross and intertwining Celtic animal stencils.
Children's Murals
Jungle Room Theme with tiger, crocodile, orang-utang. Pirate Room Theme with Jolly Roger, pirate ship, treasure chest.
Children's Room
Castle stencils, Noah’s Ark, Jungle & Monkey Height Chart Stencil Designs. Nursery Rhyme, and Farmyard stencils.
Period designs from Medieval, Georgian to Victorian. Includes Acanthus and egg and Dart stencils.
Prehistoric Jungle Border, Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops stencils.
Large and small, Chinese, Fighting, Flying, and Climbing Dragon stencils.
Stencils of Egyptian Pillars, Anubis, Horus, Thoth, Hathor, Lotus Flower and Hieroglyphics and Egyptian Room theme.
Enchanted Forest
Create a delightful mural with unicorns in a magical setting
Stencils based on images from the magnificent ruins of Ephesus and including the Temple of Hadrian.
Fairy castle and fairy stencils from UK illustrator Myrea Pettit
Magical stencils created under license from leading fantasy artists Brian Froud, Natalia Pirandrei, Amy Brown, James Browne and Myrea Pettit
Different famous figures starting, of course, with Adam & Eve!
Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Sunflower, Wisteria Clematis, Herbs, Tulips, Magnolia, Catkins and Poppy stencils.
Bamboo, Ornamental Grass, Ivy, Oak, & Leaf stencils. Hanging baskets, Spider Plant and Tied Wheat Sheaf stencil designs.
Climbing Grape Vine, Fruit Bowl &, Pineapple Lemon, Apple, & Blackberry stencil borders.
Garden & Conservatory
Wisteria, Victorian Ironwork, Foxglove, Sunflowers, Palm & Planter, Peacocks, Hanging Basket and Flower stencils.
New section, soon to be filled with gothic style creatures and images ideal for a haunted house mural.
Hercules, Eros, Gods, Classical Vases and borders, Greek Key and Greek Temple Kit stencils.
Indian Stencils
Decorated Elephant Stencil, Paisley stencils, Ganeshi designs and more...
Historic Art
Stencils inspired by historic artists works. Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, Leonardo's Vetruvian Man and Botticelli's three Graces. More to follow...
Japanese Designs
Cherry Blossom tree stencil, Blue Birds, Oriental Wallpaper, stencils of Koi Carp and a beautiful fierce tiger.
Jungle Theme
Red eyed tree frogs in the jungle
Lettering & Latin Phrases
Stencils of Alphabets in different fonts and sizes. Latin Phrases, Oriental & Chinese Calligraphy and Illuminated Letter stencils.
Stencils of Brass Rubbing Knights, Gothic Arches, Medieval Players & animals.
Damask, Peacock Feathers, Football Players, Grandfather Clock, Playing Cards, Barbed Wire, Tyre Tread & Music stencils.
A decorative arch and pillar, a budda,a flower panel and corner pieces based on the beautiful architecture and paintings of Nepal
Mini Beasts & Fairies
Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Spider’s Web , Frogs, Mice and Fairy Stencils.
Mosaics & Tiles
Dolphin & Fish Border mosaics for walls & floors. Patterned Tile stencils.
Olmec Heads
Stencils of the colossal stone heads discovered in Mexico.
Samurai, Chinese Warlords, Buddha, Bamboo, Ginger Jar, Pagodas, Willow Pattern and Feng Shui stencils.
Stencils of Cabbage Roses, Briar Roses, & Roses with Ribbons.
Decorative tree with matching plants and scrolling peacocks.
More designs in this new section of curling shapes to follow soon...
Sea Coral Reef
Corals and fishes for a colourful Mural
Stencils of Waves, Dolphins, Mermaids. Fishes, Coral, Lighthouse and Shells.
South Western
Kokopelli border stencil, Sombrero, Coyote stencils, Blanket, Southwestern Mural, Mountain, Cactus and Tequila Worm
Space Theme
Jupiter stencil, Saturn Stencil, A sun Eclipse and Star Stencils
Trucks, Trains, Airplanes, Hot Air Balloons & Car stencils.
Trees & Topiary
Oak Tree, Willow Tree, Topiary Trees, Bay Trees, Orange Tree, Lemon Tree & Cherry Blossom Tree stencils.
Seaview through a window and views through a porthole.
Water Garden Mural
With Bullrushes, Irises and Goldfish Stencils. All you need to create your own Water Margin Mural.



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